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What a great idea to start a community here on LJ. I've been on LJ since pretty much the beginning, although I haven't posted a lot lately. No time!
I've been a proud and happy Peekster since sometime last year, and love it! I've introduced a couple of buddies to the Peek, and they love theirs as well.
I'm Janakay on the Peek boards!

introduce yourselves

If you join this community, I'd love for you to post an introduction to tell us a bit about yourself and/or your Peek (if you have one) and how you like it and use it. If you're also active in other Peek communities (like on the discussion boards at getpeek.com), you might want to tell us who you are over there. (I'm "lakrahn" over there.)


An introduction


I acquired a black cherry Peek on clearance at Target for just $12.48 a couple of weeks ago; also acquired an Aqua one at the same time which I gave to my husband kaustin. Wasn't sure we wanted to pay $20/month for these gadgets, but couldn't resist giving them a try.

Both were running the 1.04 software and seemed fine-- my biggest complaint was the packaging which was impossible to open (or at least dangerous to open). It also wasn't clear that one would have to call Peek and give them a credit card number to get the devices activated.

I ordered an upgrade cable, which arrived on Friday, and I managed to upgrade both to the Pronto software even though it took a lot of wrangling given we don't have a Windows machine in our household. I had to find my old key for Windows XP and install a trial of Parallels on my Mac and install Windows XP on there and so on and so forth. Installed driver for cable. Much fiddling, but eventually got the upgrade software to work. Like the improvements, though after hours of effort, I think I was hoping for a bit more of a difference!

I've been slowly looking at the different things I can do via email on the Peek and trying to figure out how I'll want to use it. I've had success using TweetByMail.com to post to multiple twitter accounts, but I didn't seem to receive all the tweets I should when I used it to read messages to twitter accounts. I'm now viewing Facebook Status updates & Twitter updates (for one twitter account) using Nutshellmail.com and think I'll continue to use TweetByMail to post to twitter, but not usually to receive stuff.


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